Happy Weekend Everyone!
    Preschool camp is off to a great start. It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know your campers last week. We were able to begin a few projects ( stringing stay cool necklaces with cut up sponges and elastic, painting our plates and decorating contact paper with wrapping tissue for sun catchers and making placemats for our snack and lunch times) as well as take lots of photos to capture our growth and adventures this summer.
    Next week we will begin Fourth of July projects, including patriotic hats, fork and q-tip firework paintings and (fingers crossed) footprint flags!
    I have been encouraging lots of water drinking both when we are inside and outside. If you have not already, please send your camper with a water bottle we can carry with us for recess to help cut down on trash. We are able to provide sunscreen, but if you have a particular kind you like to use, please send it along. Also, I am offering the campers time to rest quietly this summer. Some of us still need it and I expect as our days become more active, others will too. We try to rest quietly for approximately 20-30 min after lunch with a book or quiet toy. At times, we will rest quietly with a friend to foster those relationships. For this reason, please send your camper with a resting blanket to help  transition to that time.
    Sadly, we will also say goodbye to Ivy and Annabel Friday the third. We have spoken as a group about how we would like to celebrate. Decorations are in order! I can provide streamers. We are going to present a gift to each of the girls and we would like to have a pizza party and cake at lunch time. Any donations to the party are welcome!
    I am looking forward to next week. Please email me with any questions, concerns, etc. I will get back to you promptly. Thank you
Miss Ann