Good afternoon!
This week we have a few things to get started on to commence the end of our Camp experience. If you have not done so already, please send in a white t-shirt for your camper. If you can label it, great, otherwise I will do so with a Sharpie.
Monday we have Zumba with Marybeth. Tuesday we will meet/drop-off at Joules’ Garden to say goodbye to our friends at IIT and to thank them for all the fun we have had on our trips this summer. Wednesday and Thursday we will spend the day at preschool working on several top secret projects *;) winking. Please send in sprinkle clothes, shoes and towels for your camper. Friday we will drop off at preschool but pick up at Maddy Dodge Field at the end of the day. Kara has more fun water games planned for us. Please send your sprinkling clothes for that as well.
Sadly, we will say goodbye to Aidan and Timothy this week too. We will be sure to give each of their friends opportunity to say goodbye and recognize all the good times they had together, both this summer and during their school year.
Please get in touch with me whenever you need to! I will see you this week!