Good Sunday! I hope you were all able to enjoy the weekend.
This week I plan on extending our pirate theme with more books, projects and imaginary play. The campers have taken to using our new vocabulary words (you may have heard them ask you to ‘heave to’ or perhaps call you a ‘scallywag’ if upset with you! I remind them that we are all good ‘me hearties’.) I have some requests for eye patches and hooks, so we will be utilizing paper plates, elastic, foil and paper cups to make it happen!
Tuesday we will enjoy another fun trip with Chloe at I.I.T. We will be meeting at Town Beach to investigate tide pools, then heading back to preschool by bus for lunch.
Wednesday we will celebrate Henry’s 3rd birthday! Hilary has offered to make ice cream for the campers. I have been taking votes, and although we have a few more votes to cast, Strawberry and Vanilla are taking the lead, with major support for Rainbow Sprinkles.
Thursday we will drop off at Matty (Maddy?) Dodge Field to play with Kara, before heading back to preschool by bus.
I also wanted to encourage a Sharing Day. I love that the campers bring toys from home, though it can be overwhelming to manage the acquisition of toys fairly to all the campers. For this reason I am proposing a sharing day! What does everyone think about regulating toys coming from home to Thursdays? This was I can more effectively turn sharing into an activity everyone participates in (“O! You would like to play with Johnny’s airplane? Great! Why don’t you trade your toys from home and sit together to play!”, or something to that affect). Please give me your feedback!
Cant wait to see you all this week!!
Miss. Ann