Ginny and I can’t believe that October is almost over! The school year is flying by.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working on letters F, L and E this month. We also loved playing hide and go seek with our pumpkins, exploring and painting the different parts of a pumpkin and our field trip with Chloe toTurtle Head. With November soon approaching, we will remind you that pick up time for preschool will be 3pm beginning Tuesday November 1st.

On Halloween next Monday, we would like to invite our students to come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. We will be able to enjoy some trick-or-treating at the Town Office, the Health Center and Boardman Cottage. We will be making special Halloween snacks (candy corn fruit salad, spider sandwiches and vampire blood drink) and I have requested some items below. Thank you in advance! If you are unable to provide that item, please let me know!

As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Cami- Canned Pineapple x2
Jen- Canned mandarin orange slices x2
Christine- Vanilla yogurt 2oz.
Tara- Loaf of sliced bread
Megan- Cran-Rasberry Juice
Becky- Orange Juice
Melanie- Clear Plastic Cups (at least 16)