The Infant/ Toddler room has seven children currently enrolled on a variety of days.

We can have eight children a day in this program. With spring work not too far away, we will need to be more scheduled to meet the needs of our youngest children. For the Spring, Families need to sign up for the days they need care. We have the potential for eleven island children to participate, so it is important that you determine what days you will need care.

We have had the luxury to be very flexible, but unfortunately we may not be able to take your child on a drop –in basis in the Spring. You can call ahead to see if there is an opening. People will also be planning their summer vacations and we may have inquiries for summer care as well. I realize it may be difficult for you to know your exact schedule at this point, but please sign up for the days in the week you foresee needing care and we can look at adjustments at the end of March.

If you have any questions please email Nancy at There is a form attached to reserve space. Please return this form to the preschool before March 1 st .

Thank you! Nancy

Please circle the days you want to reserve. Please specify if these are a half day.