Here is a quick run down of everything you wanted to know about the new preschool building.

Q. Who is paying for this?!
A. It is being paid for entirely with privately raised funds from across the island. (We are still a bit short so feel free to go to the Donate tab!)

Q. Why was this lot picked?
A. It’s location is convenient for parents who, given the other businesses in that area, have many reasons to be in the area. It is also close to emergency services and the health center. Last, we knew there was work going on to support “Town Center Vitality” and while that effort was still in its early days when we purchased the land, we knew that building here would be supportive of whatever the final outcome of that work would be.

Q. Why was the building sited in the far corner of the lot?
A. It is the highest, driest part of the property and was close to good drainage for the septic field. It is very close to the Town Office, Health Center and Emergency Services and allows us to use the existing the Town entrance/parking lot and exit road, saving time and money.

Q. Why is the building sited the way it is?
A. This building is optimized for sunlight if we use solar panels.

Q. What are you doing to make it environmentally sound?
A. The building will be extremely well insulated. We are using heat pumps, a very efficient type of heat and air conditioning. We will use no fossil fuels as we will be 100% electric. We are investigating the use of solar panels and if that is not feasible at this time, we intend to purchase electricity generated solely from renewable sources. Stay tuned for an update on this.

Q. When will the building be done?
A. We expect the construction to be finished in the Spring. Landscaping, interior finishing, and punch list work may take us into the early summer.