Exciting building progress is in the air. At the recent town meeting held at the town office, the vote was unanimous for the town and the preschool to enter into a licensing agreement. This document allows the preschool to enter and exit its new property from town land. This meeting was well attended by young residents and family. This renewable agreement will be for twenty years and the preschool is responsible for proper upkeep of the area it uses. The funds to construct our building are in hand from the generosity of private donations, foundations, and trusts. The final hurdle is in sight to raise the last phase of our building fundraising effort.

The construction plans are here and being reviewed, a septic plan is being developed, and the site is staked on our property next to the town office. Soon the clearing will begin and the site prepared. Next step is the planning board in June. A building subcommittee has been formed to oversee the project, to keep it on budget, and make small changes or cosmetic decisions.

Our website is live in its infancy. More will be added as building construction continues and programs evolve. There are still gaps in information, but it will all come together in June and we will learn how to keep it current.

Our Summer Program is enrolling summer families and we are looking forward to friendships being made between our island children and summer visitors. Summer session starts the week of June 27 through the end of August. Unfortunately, we have closed our Infant /Toddler program until next fall. Therefore, our summer program serves children two and a half years through pre-first grade.

The IPS will again have refreshments available at the Historical Society Talent Show in June. Funds from these parent run events go directly to programing, supplies, and the daily operation of the preschool. We have had a successful year with the town taxpayer support. Entering into an agreement as a contracted service to the town allows all children to receive the same quantity and quality of early childhood experiences. Tuition income is not consistent since it is determined by the population ofchildren. The $65,000 raised from tax dollars used for salaries will stay the same in this next budget. The young families of Islesboro need your continued support for this budget item now and in the future in order to continue to hire personnel who will ensure a quality child care program. We urge you to support this line item!