Lead Preschool Teacher, Hanna Kerr, with the Pre-K Class

The new preschool building absorbed the sounds of eight to twelve children this fall. Children in the Infant/Toddler space learned to explore what their bodies could do interacting in that environment, reached monthly milestones as they grow and change, and learned to play and socialize with children and adults. The Pre-K children learned routines, explored many sensory activities making playdough and other concoctions to work with, and have put the oven to great use making apple crisp and bread to name a few culinary delights. In fact, bread may become a weekly activity. All the children visited the town office, health center, and Boardman Cottage in their Halloween costumes.

We hope to finish moving the last of our materials out of the town office this month. Seth Wilbur is donating a shed for us to store our fundraising supplies and outside equipment. Our inside storage space is now being weeded out as to what we really need and can use. The office and staff space now has old/new furniture to make those areas more organized as well. We fared well during the storm. Our generator worked as expected and we didn’t have any outside damage, other than a broken gate. The heating system kept the rooms cozy on those few cold mornings, a good test for the season to come.

Brian Hauprich gave the staff a CPR Workshop this month. So all staff are now First Aid/CPR certified. This is a licensing requirement as well. Our licensing agent from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services came and did an inspection this month. She was impressed with our space, we had all the paper work up to date, and regulations were met. She is trying to organize a Midcoast workshop for the transportation of children. Once the staff has attended such a workshop, we will meet State guidelines to be able to transport children in cars with drivers, who have completed this workshop and pass a state background check.

There was a meeting at preschool in October to discuss with parents and relatives how they can be involved in preschool. Some people have volunteered to clean, mow the lawn, and help with fundraising. Our Family Fundraising is an important part of our budget. Thank you to all who bought treats at the Election Day Bake Sale. We raised $311.00. Jen Bailey is our new Fundraising Chair, supported by Julie Reidy who has organized many events in the past. The Christmas Fair is coming up on December 3.

Exploring and discovering in the infant/toddler room.