The new preschool building has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, using little to no fossil fuels.

As the photos below show, we are using sprayed-on closed cell foam on all exterior walls.  This type of insulation has a very high R-value (a measure of insulating value) and also stops wind from drafting into the building.  Last, it adds rigidity to the overall structure.  The windows are also energy efficient and the main entrance will be “double-doored” to minimize the entry of cold air.

Other than a back-up generator, there will be no fossil fuels on site.  The heat and air-conditioning will be supplied by an energy efficient, electric heat-pump system, augmented by electric baseboard heat when needed.  We had hoped to have Reliance or another third party finance the placement of solar panels on the roof, but the job was not big enough to meet their minimum requirements.  To do it ourselves would have required considerably more money than is available and even if every inch of the south facing roof were covered with panels, it would not meet all our electrical needs.  Given all that, our intent is to contract with the electric company to provide 100% of our energy needs from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydro.  The goal is to be as energy efficient as possible while sourcing power from the cleanest, renewable sources available.