A monthly newsletter from the Islesboro Preschool

Notes from the Director

with Lexy Martinez 

Due to COVID, we closed the preschool for the last week before winter break. During that unexpected closure, our staff was busy deep cleaning the classrooms and materials, getting organized & planning for the new year.  Even though we were only together for the first two weeks in December, the time felt very full and festive.  And since we decided our first week back would include all of the holiday festivities we missed before the break, I’ll include those here: 

We were finally able to gather for the Lantern Walk on a magical, snowy (and really chilly) afternoon.  I want to thank everyone who attended or helped to plan the event for being a part of it.  It felt really special to be together and we are all looking forward to doing it again next year! Of the many art projects we did, using hand tracings, watercolors and special gold paint to create keepsake gifts for parents was a highlight–they really captured the gifts each individual child offers.   This past week we hosted a holiday party for the children, complete with “fancy” snacks, pizza for lunch, and everyone’s favorite holiday hits (thanks for DJing Miss Morgan!).  We finished out the day with the book swap, which was a huge success.  We all sat around the Christmas tree and the kids watched with anticipation (and lots of patience) to see who would choose their book.  Of course everyone enjoyed receiving and opening a gift, but the giving felt really good too!

The theme this month is New Beginnings.  Here at IPS, we plan to explore the new year, the winter season and the passing of time through our January book collection.  We’ll explore new year’s traditions from different cultures, find ways to explore outside (when we can) and stay cozy inside on those really cold days. Overall, we plan to get creative, embrace the slowness of the season and enjoy being together again!

Pre-K Program

with Jen Bailey & Morgan Landry

Miss Melissa read Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter, which was all about a brother and sister exploring nature and greeting the signs of the coming season.  Miss Chloe read us a book about the winter solstice, taught us all about snowstorms and helped us make ice lanterns by pouring water, cranberries and evergreens into recycled containers and letting them freeze outside.  

Last month we worked on the letters C, O and Q.   The Magic C is used to prepare for the letters O, Q, and G—all these letters start at the top with Magic C.  Notice how the big curve of the “C” is used to make O (two big curves) and Q (two big curves and a little line).  This is the language we use in the classroom to help with recognizing and forming letters.  

Infant/Toddler Program 

with Lindsey Govoni & Ginny Drew 

We spent December preparing for the holidays with festive music, books and art projects.   While music filled the classroom, the kids had fun exploring water and ice using various tools to pick up, scoop and dump the cranberries and evergreens hidden inside. Librarian Miss Melissa read Tracks In The Snow, about a little girl who follows tracks outside after a fresh snowfall, only to realize they are her own tracks from the day before―and that they lead her home. The kids used watercolors to paint special keepsakes as Christmas gifts.   We also learned a new finger play song during circle time:

Here is the Chimney

Here is the chimney (make fist with thumb inside),

Here is the top (put other hand over fist)

Open the lid (remove hand from fist),

And out Santa will pop (pop up thumb from fist).

Playground Dreamin’ (On Such a Winter’s Day)

We may not be spending lots of time outdoors now, but think ahead to warmer days.  What would you like to see on our playground?  Are there activities your child likes to engage in at home (inside or outside) or at other play spaces that we could incorporate? Have your child draw a picture of their ideal playground.  We want your input!  Send your ideas to director@islesboropreschool.org or stash in your child’s weekend folder.  They will be included in a Playground Dream binder and referred to in the planning process.

Bringing It Home

We recently updated our website to include “Resources for Families”: https://islesboropreschool.org/resources/.  Here you’ll find up-to-date information about developmental milestones and screenings.  You can also find links to other valuable resources, like podcasts and blogs, to help you navigate the wonderful journey of parenting.  If you have any resources you’d like to share on our website, please send a message to me at director@islesboropreschool.org.  


  • Many of the books Miss Melissa brings to us can be found at our local library.  She has a list of all the books we’ve read at school each month for your child to check out on their own.  You can also join the library’s Story Time at 10:30 on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. 
  • We strive to get the kids in fresh air as much as the weather will safely allow. We have plenty of extra hats and gloves/mittens/scarves/snowsuits here.  But please dress your child in layers so your little one can play comfortably inside and out.   


1/12: Story Time with Miss Melissa

1/14: Half Day (dismissal at 12:30)

1/17: School closed (MLK Jr. Day)

1/19: Nature Time with Miss Chloe

2/18: Half Day (dismissal at 12:30)

2/21-2/25: School closed (February break)