Dear Parents and Guardians,
My name is Ann Thomson and I am looking forward to working with you and your children this summer in the preschool camp program. I have lived in Belfast Maine for three years now, after moving here from Brooklyn New York. I have just under two decades of teaching experience, both with typically developing children, and those with special needs. This summer, however, will be my first teaching experience on an Island, so I am looking forward to learning at least as much as I am teaching!
I want to welcome you to email me anytime with questions, or concerns, ideas and thoughts. It can be hard to focus my attention on the grown-ups during drop-off and pick-up times, though I will always try to be available. Please don’t hesitate to grab my attention when you think it’s a good time, or, shoot me an email.
I have a slew of ideas to get to know your children and enhance their learning experience this summer. I like to focus on creative and fun ways to teach, using sensory materials and activities, while tuning into each childs developmental level. Islesboro also has a lot of exciting field trips planned for our class with Chloe Joule and Islesboro Island Trust. Those will take place Tuesdays. I can attach a schedule for that with this letter. We will participate in Zumba and Yoga classes on Mondays as well as several trips with Kara Masters. Forgive me if I am telling you things you know already; this is all new to me!
I have a few tentative themes planned for the weeks your children are in camp, including Camping, Ocean/Beach Days, Sports, Fourth of July, Music and some Rainy Day activities for those unfortunate days when we can not go outside. I welcome any ideas or donations to those themes!
I will end here, and as I said, please do not hesitate to write with any questions etc. I will see you along the way this summer! Take care!