Dear Parents,

We have some scheduling changes coming up.  Please take note below:

Preschool will be open Monday through Friday from 8:30-3:30

Preschool will run a modified calendar, open only four days a week.
Based on attendance in September, we will determine if we will be closed on Monday or Friday. Some people have expressed a preference, please let us know.

NOVEMBER 2016 – MARCH 2017
Open four days a week from 8:30- 3:00
**Early drop off before 8:30 can be arranged.

Payment is due on the first day of the week your child attends. It can be easier to pay $40 each week than find a month has gone by and you owe $160. If you are planning and pay for four days and your child misses a day, you will be given credit.

Rates remain at $10.00/day. Since we are able to give such a low rate with Town financial support, there are no half day rates. A statement or invoice will be sent bimonthly. If a situation arises in which parents can’t pay a week, parents need to let Nancy know. Just put a note in Nancy’s box. Parents may also choose to pay for more than one week at a time.