We may be a small preschool program, but we go through all of the routines that any childcare program does in the early fall, welcoming new families and creating routines for our students as they adjust to coming to school each day.

Both the infant/toddler and preschool programs are settling in to routines and making adjustments as we go. We have twelve families using the preschool this fall. Some families come with their child and stay for an hour or two, some children come for part of a day, and others are at preschool all day. We have also had some children join us this fall as they have been visiting family here.  We have a full house!

The Pre-K room has been doing activities around theMonarch Butterfly Cycle. The Infant/Toddlers also have a terrarium to observe the metamorphosis take place.

During the Open House, I was asked about a “wish list”. At the moment we are still figuring what we can use and what we don’t need. Two items that would be helpful are a self-propelled walking lawnmower and a two seated, four wheeled stroller. We are in the process of updating our webpage and hope you will check out the activities and news. Again, Thanks to everyone for the community support!