The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to:


  • Encourage and support the development of a rich and diverse set of learning experiences for children and parents, available 12 months of the year
  • Expand the focus of our programs to include prenatal care and newborn child development
  • Leverage the talents of Islesboro residents and visitors in support of the preschool/summer program experience


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to:


  • Develop a long term financial plan that ensures the financial stability of IPS
  • Ensure proper controls are in place to properly allocate funds in support of the long term financial plan


The purpose of the Building Committee is to:

  • Support the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of our facility and grounds
  • Additional facilities support as identified by the Executive Director and the committee chair


The purpose of the Community Relations Committee is to:


  • Promote the accomplishments of IPS to existing and new families along with other island year-round and summer residents, plus their guests
  • Ensure strong collaboration with Town officials, particularly in support of Town funding of compensation expenses
  • Oversee and provide content for the IPS Web site and social media, ensuring they are useful tools for all constituencies
  • Promote volunteerism in support of IPS


The purpose of the Fund Raising Committee is to:


  • Raise all funds (other than tuition) necessary to operate IPS
  • Refine the IPS contact database to ensure it is complete and accurate, using the data base to run community-wide fundraising and out-reach efforts as needed
  • Engage parents and staff in support of event driven fundraising
  • Identify and pursue grants from Government and NGO organizations

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